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Class: LED Effect Light LED Light


It made of singular pixel. Each pixel point is made up of three pure red, three pure green(two pure green) and three pure blue(two pure green) which color proportion is 1: 1: 1(or 3: 2: 2). It is very good white equipoise effect. This is fixed with metal structure which stable firm and easy installation.The parts can be combined and fixed together as you like. It is controlled by computer which can directly show picture, letter, flash and video. The effect is very clear and felt playing truly.

This full color LED wall is very suitable for bar, the nightclub, DISCO and supermarket etc.


Pixels per sq.meter 64-100-144/SQ(REALLY)
Pitch 105mm
Lifetime: >8000h
material 15mm board + fireproofing board(black)
weight 12.00kgs/sq.m
Drive type constant current and static current
Frame rate ³60Hz/s
Refurbish rate ³120Hz/s
Input power 220V+-10%
Using environmenet temperature -300C--650C(10%-95% RH)
Control mode PC Control system
Voltage DC 5V
Style indoor using
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