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X 512A

Channels: 512
Body Size:L482*W365*H110 mm
N.W: 6 Kg
Class: DMX Controller Controller

• DMX512/1990 Standard
• 512 channels
• LCD display with backlight
• Up to 32 scanners may be connected with a maximum of 16 channels each
• Assignable joystick for ease of movement
• Manual operate enable
• 8 scan chase operated at the same time
• 32 chases(at most 120 steps for each chase)
• 3840 chase steps
• Range of corss time: 0-100%
• Range of speed time: 0.04s-10m
• Each cahse speed and cross time can be saved automatic
• The music trigger source can be selected between audio line input or in-build microphone
• The data auto-saves
• DMX signal output connector: XLR-D3F X4
• Power supply: DC9V 1000mA
• Size: 482mm*365mm*110mm
• Weight: 6Kg
• Up to CE standard,UL standard and GB7000.15-2000 standard
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