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6CH*6KW Relay Pack(MSL-ZT6000)

Class: Other Controller

Product number: MSL-ZT6000
Product name: 6CH*6KW Relay Pack
Specifications and features:(1) Power supply: three-phase five-wire AC380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 5%.
(2) Rated power: 6-channel × 6KW; applicable to any load.
(3) Overload and short circuit protection of high breaking dual air switch.
(4) ABC-phase work light. Let stand two feet and three-pin socket universal ease of use.
(5) Dimensions (mm): L515*W485*H133. Unit weight: 11KG.
Instructions:1. Connected before using power equipment needs. This product can be regular direct access to stage lighting 2KW
2KW 18 or 18 moving head lights; 6 Road, separate control groups of three;
2. Three-phase electricity access AC380V again, pay attention to FireWire (ABC) with the zero line (N) is not reversed;
Ground wire (PE) should be well grounded; time panel lights are on. Air switch to ON state;
Then access the lamp should light.

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