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LS 866

Body Size::350*250*120 mm
N.W: 12 Kg
Class: Laser Light Dynamic Laser

500mw RGP Color Animatio Laser Show

DMX Laser light, Laser Light, Disco Laser Light, Club Laser Light, Stage Light, Stage Lighting, DJ Light, Stage Effect Light

Features: RGP color animation laser with high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics,
128 beam and graphics show patterns, and with the function of unique blanking, frequently flashing, rotating,
movement, billowing, zoom (+/-), drawing, speed and color, etc.
Scanner: High-speed optical scanner, big angle scanning
Laser: 100mW 532nm wavelength green laser, TE-cooled
150mW 650nm wavelength red laser, TE-cooled
400mW 450nm wavelength purple laser, TE-cooled
500mW mixed white laser
Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 50W
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