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Body Size:220*170*220 mm
N.W: 2.7 Kg
Class:  LED LOGO Light

Projection distance:20m (darker environment) Rated voltage:220V LED Power:10W/20W/30W LED Life:30000h Luminous flux:900/1000/2500Lm Color temperature optional:3200K/6000K

Appearance: All aluminum alloy metal shell, high structural strength, paint or sandblast oxidation treatment, optional black, silver, white.
Lens: 5-chip wide-angle lens, clear and natural imaging, imaging length 50%, imaging area 1 times.
Advantages: The light is useing CREE lamp, projecting a rotating pattern in place, (the pattern can be manually replaced and customized). The lighting projection direction can be arbitrarily adjusted, it can be 360 degrees horizontally, or 180 degrees vertically, or it can be cast obliquely.
Lens parameters:
The distance between the 20 degree lens and the imaging length ratio is 1:0.35, which is 0.35 meters at 1 meter projection and 1.05 meters at 3 meters projection, and so on.
The 15degree lens is 1:0.25, and the 25degree lens is 1:0.45. The default is a 20degree lens.
Suitable place: Suitable for indoor or outdoor environment is not too bright all places, such as Western restaurants, cafes, tea shops, cinemas, private clubs, bars, conferences and other places, this section of the lamp itself is not waterproof. Suggest a projection within six meters.
Installation method: Rail type, seat type
It Can be placed on a countertop or floor, or ceiling mounted, screwed to the ceiling or tied to the keel with a tie and wire.
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